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The Laboratory of Information Technologies


  1. Introduction to grid technologies and practical usage of gLite middleware
    Sergey Belov (e-mail: Sergey.Belov@jinr.ru)
    Vladimir Korenkov (e-mail: korenkov@cv.jinr.ru)

  2. Mathematics of the entangled q-bits
    Prof. Vladimir Gerdt (e-mail: gerdt@jinr.ru)
    Dr. Arsen Khvedelidze (e-mail: akhved@jinr.ru)

  3. Mathematical modeling of neutron transportation and interactions in non-uniform media
    Dr. Andrey Sosnin (e-mail: sosnin@jinr.ru)

  4. Virtualization of computing resources of organization
    Dmitry Belyakov (e-mail: dmitry@jinr.ru)

  5. Parallel computations with using MPI-technology
    Dr. Alexandr Sapozhnikov and Dr. Tatiana Sapozhnikova (e-mail: tsap@jinr.ru)

  6. JINRLIB Program Library. Some aspect of practical programming
    Dr. Alexandr Sapozhnikov and Dr. Tatiana Sapozhnikova (e-mail: tsap@jinr.ru)

  7. Introduction to symbolic computation using Maple
    Dr. Alla Bogolubskaya (e-mail: abogol@jinr.ru)

  8. Networking (lectures)
    Leonid Popov (e-mail: leonid.popov@jinr.ru)

  9. Contemporary methods for data processing in experimental physics (lectures)
    Prof. Gennady Ososkov (e-mail: ososkov@jinr.ru)

  10. Computer simulation of nonlinear waves and solitons
    Prof. Igor Bogolubsky (e-mail: bogolubs@jinr.ru)

  11. Development of effective methods, algorithms and codes for mathematical physics equations
    Dr. Eduard Ayrjan, Dr. Oxana Streltsova, Alexandr Ayrjan (e-mail: strel@jinr.ru)

  12. Learning the methods of numerical analysis of localized structures in nonlinear models of complex physical systems
    Prof. Elena Zemlyanaya (e-mail: elena@jinr.ru)

  13. Learning and application of the MPI technology of the numerical study of computational physics problems with the use of multi-processor systems
    Prof. Elena Zemlyanaya (e-mail: elena@jinr.ru)

Postal address:
LIT JINR, 141980 Dubna,
Moscow region, Russia
Phone: (7-49621) 64-019
Telefax: (7-49621) 65-145
E-mail: KTR@jinr.ru